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As a leading provider of tutor matching services in Singapore, we are equipped with large database of MOE Certified Teachers and Qualified Private Tutors.

At Genesis Tutors, we believe that it is always beneficial to take the dive and put in the hardwork as early as you can. Thus, it is our mission to source the best available tutors for our clients and assist them right from the start.

We provide parents and students a convenient service of finding the perfect private home tutor in Singapore. Our experience coordinators will assist you in finding a tutor that matches your requirements. Some common requirements that you may have can include Current Teachers, Ex School Teachers, Graduate Tutors etc. We are also able to filter tutors according to age, race and gender if required.


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Genesis Tutors Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2013 when an experienced home tutor realised that home tutor agencies in Singapore could do in helping students find suitable tutors and not just and Singapore tutor they can find. It was important for a home tutor agency that focuses on helping students to find a reliable and hardworking private tutor who always has their interests at heart.

Having grown to become a full-scale home tuition agency, Genesis Tutors has become a well-known name for parents and students to find reliable and experienced home tuition teachers either as a group class or private tuition. Genesis Tutors does not recommend a single Singapore tutor to our parents and students, instead, we search through our entire database for suitable home tutors who have worked with us before and have received excellent reviews from previous parents and students.

Education is Singapore is getting more and more competitive and we see the importance of the quality of private tuition. Students need to be spending quality hours on their academics so that they do not neglect to have fun as they grow up. Parents will also have more time to spend with their children. Remember, a good home tuition agency focuses on the quality of the tuition and tutor. It's not about squeezing in tuition classes at every possible time slots available!

As an established home tutor agency, we see an increasing demand for MOE tutors. This is especially true fo the Primary tuition levels. It is true that MOE tutors are very professional and are very familiar with the syllabus. They are very responsible and is usually very active in assignment homework to the students. This way, they are able to assess the child better. This is why we work with many MOE tutors and we establish a close relationship with them. From the feedback that we receive about these MOE tutors, they are very punctual and they are very strict with their students.

However, not every child performs well under the "teacher environment". We have come across many home tuition classes where the parent has replaced MOE tutors one after another for their beloved child. However, none of these well-trained teachers could help the child improve their grades. The parent decided to heed our advice and give a full-time private tutor a try. The tutor has received many good reviews from previous parents and students. True enough, the child was more responsive in a more 'relaxed' studying environment. According to the parent, the private tuition class was filled with a lot of encouragement and self-learning and the child's grades improved tremendously! If a MOE tutor isn't working for your child, be sure to try out a full-time home tutor who has been giving private tuition for more than 2 years!

Some of you who are reading this may have come from a bad experience with another home tutor agency. We totally understand that - you're not the only one. Genesis Tutors understands that you may have a bad experience with an irresponsible home tuition agency or a bad Singapore tutor. We strive to give you the best customer service and we will keep you updated about our search for the most suitable home tutor that is within budget and fits your criteria.

Genesis Tutors Pte. Ltd. is a registered home tutor agency with ACRA. We provide reliable and trustworthy private tutors who provide home tuition to students of all levels and all subjects. Let us know your requirements today and we'll be happy to assist you!