This page serves to answer the questions that we regularly get from parents. We hope that you find the answers to your questions here. However, if you have further questions, feel free to call us at +65 8661 1158 or email us using the contact form.


1) How do I engage a tutor?
You can call us at +65 8661 1158 or fill up a simple form.

2) If I have to postpone a tuition session, what do I do?
Simply notify us at +65 8661 1158 or carolyn@genesistutors.sg and our experienced coordinators will do the rest. Do note that no extra charges will be incurred by you.

3) How much do I have to pay Genesis Tutors for finding me a private tutor?
Our agency fees are 50% of the first four weeks of tuition fees, upon commencement of private tuition lessons. However, these charges are borne by the private tutor. The other 50% of the fees, which are the tutor’s fees, will be due on the fourth week of lessons.

4) Can I get a short-term private tutor?
Yes. If you are planning to engage a tutor for a duration of only 2 months or less, it is considered a short-term arrangement, and the agency fees will be charged to the parent instead of the tutor. Agency fees are still 50% of the first four weeks’ tuition fees, but that will be added to the total cost chargeable by the private tutor.

5) Can I change the tutor?
Yes you can. You will only have to pay for the sessions that the tutor has been to.

6) When do I pay?
Agency Fees will be due before the first lesson, following which the address and contact details will be disclosed to the tutor and you, the parent. Tutor fees will be due during the fourth week of lessons.

If a decision is made to disengage the tutor within the first month, the fees due will be based on the rates charged by the tutor and the duration of the lessons held thus far.

7) How do I make payment?
We accept payment via iBanking, ATM transfers and cheque payments only. Our coordinators will notify you of the details when payment is due.

Cheque Payments
Kindly write a cheque to Genesis Tutors Pte Ltd, and mail it to us at:

3025 Ubi Road 3
Singapore 408653

Via iBanking and ATM Transfers
Account No: 04121078152
Bank Name: Maybank
Bank Code: 7302
Branch Code: 012
Bank Address:
23 Serangoon Central
#03-K25 nex
#02-50 HDB Hub
Singapore 556083



1) How do I become a tutor?
Simply fill up our tutor registration form. Following that, our coordinators will look through your application. We regret that only accept tutors will receive assignments from us.

2) How much do I have to pay?
Registration with us is free. A 50% commission is charged for the first 4 weeks upon commencement of lessons. This applies to all assignments, even if parents or tutor decides to stop continuing the tuition for any reason.