6 tips to get your child ready for school reopen

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The December holidays are coming to an end. First day of school is anticipated and dreaded by some. Nonetheless, it’s unavoidable; you will have to face it eventually. School is starting in a few weeks’ time and the Genesis team have gathered some tips to help your child get back on track.

1. Gather the school supplies early


To avoid panic attacks in big crowds, score your school supplies before the eleventh hour. Go through the list of items in the booklist and get the list checked before school term. Grab the necessary items like stationaries, exercise books, backpack, etc.

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today” – Aaron Burr.

Prepare your child for a good start to a new school term.

2. Adjust the body clock


Tune back your child’s body clock. Put your child to bed early and ensure they have sufficient sleep of 8 to 11 hours. If your child has to get up at 6am, they have to be in bed by 9pm. Ample amount of sleep and rest is needed to keep your child energized for the long hours in school. You want your child to feel good and look best on the first day and any other day.

Tips to help your child get to bed early. Let your child empty his/her mind as much as possible before going to bed. Ceases activities like playing computer games, watch TV, playing electronic items 1 hour before bed.

3. Practice Good Morning Routines

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a good practice to make breakfast for your child before he/she goes to school. Breakfast is the perfect brain food! It gives your child the energy to kick-start the day.

Without breakfast, your child will enter into the starvation mode, which will make him/her restless, irritated and lethargic. If your child has been skipping breakfast during the school holiday, it’s time to get them started.

4. Confidence in Attire

A proper hair cut will help to boost your child’s confidence. It prevents your child from getting unnecessary attention from the teacher’s which will make your child feel negative and less assured.

On top of that, do remember to get the right shoes and right color socks for your child. Do help your child with the ironing of clothes to make him/her look neat and tidy. With this, your child is all geared up for school.

5. Set Realistic Goals Together

Before the new school term begins, have a little chat with your child and set goals together with them. This helps to give your child a clear direction to work towards to.

Encourage your child by giving small rewards once they have achieved their goals. It’s a good way to keep track on your child’s progress.

6. Learning doesn’t stop in the holidays

The holidays are a good time for your child to get recharged and re-energize before the new school term starts. However, learning doesn’t stops here. Take this chance to allow your child to brush up on the syllabus and the topics that they are not confident in.

Kick-start your child momentum by looking back at what he/she have studied last year. A short refresher course can go along with it. New syllabus and new topics may get him/her overwhelmed when school start. Get your child prepared by going through the first few topics for the different subjects respectively.

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