About Genesis Tutors

The term 'Genesis' simply means 'orgin' or 'beginning'.

We strive to be the place every parent go to when they begin their search for a tutor. Equipped with a huge database of MOE Tutors and Qualified Tutors, our experienced coordinators can source for the perfect tutors for every child.

At Genesis Tutors, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services in terms of quality of tutors, reliability and speed.


Quality Tutor Filter

We believe that the quality of our tutors plays a big part in the quality of service we provide. That is why we often ask our parents for reviews and feedback about the tutors. Tutors who receive negative feedback from parents are blacklisted from my database so that they will not be considered for future tuition assignments.


Free-Service for Parents

We do not charge any administration fees to parents who engage a tutor with us. Instead, we charge a small commission to the tutors who found an assignment through us.